GSM/GPRS Large Caliber Electromagnetic Flowmeter


GSM/GPRS large caliber electromagnetic flowmeter is used to measure water flow rate in pipes, according to Faraday Law of Electromagnetic Induction.


1. Data inquiry and display

The button adopts reed pipe trigger way, and it will respond after the reed pipe switch on and then switch off. The trigger is on the middle place above the water meter’s LCD screen.

2. Data inquiry

Electromagnetic water meter could store the last 24 months freeze data.

3. Data communication

1) Local communication

The electromagnetic water meter can be set its working parameters or meter reading (can get the reading of positive accumulate flow, reverse accumulate flow, alarm information) through infrared hand-held unit or special tool.

2) Remote communication

Electromagnetic water meter adopts RS-485 communication interface which compose remote meter reading (AMR) system with collector, concentrator and software.